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CIS 4930/5100: Human-Computer Interaction Section 4953/8947 Spring 2010 CSE 220, MWF 7 th period Professor: Benjamin Lok Office: CSE Room E342 (Put HCI in the subject) TA: Shayan Javed ( Office Hours: Wednesday 8 th period Friday 8 th period By appointment (email) Course Description: A study of the major topics in human-computer interaction, including interface design (principles, theories), software tools, virtual environments, interactive devices, collaboration, and visualization. What is this course, and who is it for? This course is directed towards senior undergraduate students and graduate students who wish to learn the basic concepts and current research into the design and creation of computer interfaces. The course involves three core components: Lectures – core HCI topics will be presented and discussed Research paper reading – cutting-edge HCI research conference and journal publications will be read and discussed in-class. Creation and Evaluation of an interface – each student will also 1) create their own interface and 2) evaluate their interface Upon completion of this course, students will be able to understand and be able to evaluate the criteria used in developing interfaces. Prerequisites: COP 3530 Data Structures Texts: Recommended: Designing the User Interface 5 th Edition , Ben Shneiderman and Catherine Plaisant. Tentative List of Topics: 1. Interface Basics 2. Design guidelines, principles and theory 3. Evaluating Interface Designs 4. Software Tools 5. Virtual Environments, and 3D Interaction 6. Classic topics: Menu, Forms, and Dialogs 7. Natural Languages 8. Interaction Devices
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Grading: 15% Project #1 (user study) 20% Project #2 (create new interface) 25% Project #3 (evaluate new interface) 20% midterm paper 20% quizzes/assignments/class participation
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syllabus_001 - CIS 4930/5100: Human-Computer Interaction...

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