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COT 5405: Analysis of Algorithm Basic Information Class Hours: Tuesday and Friday Period 8, Thursday Period 4 Classroom : NEB 0201 Description: This graduate-level course provides a broad view of concepts and techniques in terms of designing and analyzing algorithms. The course will cover both classic techniques such as greedy approaches and dynamic program algorithms along with their theoretical analyses and advanced techniques such as Linear Programming and Approximation Algorithms. Instructor: Dr. My T. Thai , Computer and Information Science and Engineering department, University of Florida Office: E550 CSE Bldg Office Hour: Tuesday, 9:30am – 11:10am E-mail: mythai AT Phone: (352) 328 - 3000 Teaching Assistants: Nam P. Nguyen ( Thang N. Dinh ( Ying Xuan ( o Office: CSE 309 o Email: Course Objectives As a sequence of well-defined instructions used for accomplishing specific computing tasks, the term Algorithm has been proposed for a long time. The rapid increasing in the number of nowadays computer-aid applications calls for algorithms not only feasible, but also efficient in terms of time and space complexity. What is an efficient algorithm and how to design an efficient algorithm form the main motivation of this course. Specifically, the objectives of this course are to illustrate various solution
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syllabusSp11 - COT 5405: Analysis of Algorithm Basic...

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