Convex hulls ne the convex hull as the largest convex

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Unformatted text preview: vex hull is a p oint in P . CONVEX HULLS ne the convex hull as the largest convex p olygon whose vertices are o✦ ex nvex on thaCH(Ptainf P set ofhpoe verticis the almallinst in nv Co p olyg Hull, t con ), os a and w os ints P es are s l p o e ts ntercor vexnps thatnare nt tcoertices of the convex hull. io n p oi t olygo tha o vntains P A set of p oints and its convex hull. Convex hull vertices are black; interior p oints are white. ✦ largest convex polygon whose vertices are all po ints in P e✦hungque ncrnve,xweolyigloreprestncothe p ointsain dPwby se eir Cartesia t i ni s co co ete p w l n thae t ntains P n ho th [1 .verticesY []l. pWe ts ill rPpresent the convex hull as a circula . n] and a 1 n o in w in e terclockwise order. if the ith p oint is a vertex of the convex hull, ne CONVEXIT Y Convexity A set C ⊂ IRd is convex iff ∀(p, q ) ∈ C 2 the line segment pq is contained in C . p q Convex p q Non convex Compu HULL PROex hu CONVEXting a convBLEM ll Input: the set P = {p1 , p2 , . . . pn } ⊂ IR2 O...
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