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hw1 - will be accepted EDGE students Submit through...

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COT5405 Assignment 1 Due in class on Friday - Jan. 28 th , 2011 Your solutions should be complete and concise, MUST has your name (last name followed by first name), section number, 8-digit UFID, clearly typed or handwritten on it . Show your work for all problems to get full credit. You will be graded exactly by what you write in your homework paper(s) . Please do not copy the answers from the solution (if any). Also, do not copy the solution from your friends/classmates. Doing so, if detected, will be considered CHEATING. NO late submissions will be accepted. On-Campus Students : Turn a hardcopy (stapled ) in class, before class begins . NO electronic submissions for On-Campus students
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Unformatted text preview: will be accepted. EDGE students: Submit through email (cot5405sp11[AT]gmail[DOT]com) by 3:00pm on Tuesday Feb. 1st, 2011 . Any questions regarding the assignment problems should be directed to TA office hours or cot5405sp11[AT]gmail[DOT]com. Inquires to the TA cise emails will be ignored. All the following problems are from the textbook CLRS ( 3 rd edition). Solving wrong problems by any mean will get NO credits. 1) (10pts) Problems 2-1. Page 39. 2) (20pts) Problems 3-4. Page 62. 3) (10pts) Exercises 4.3-7. Page 87. 4) (15pts) Exercises 6.5-3. Page 165. 5) (10pts) Exercises 6.5-8. Page 166. 6) (15pts) Problems 7-4. Page 188. 7) (20pts) Problems 8-6. Page 208....
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