HW3_005 - COT5405 Analysis of Algorithms Homework 3 Due...

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Unformatted text preview: COT5405 Analysis of Algorithms Homework 3 Due Thursday 20 March 2007 4 PM March 19, 2008 Unless otherwise specified, each time you give an algorithm, you must state and justify its complexity. You answer should begin with a high-level description of your solution in plain English, and then the pseudocode, if necessary. The English description should convey the core idea of your proposed solution, and should include the proof of correctness (basically, showing why your algorithm works). You can even omit the pseudocode if 1) you think your English description is clear enough to specify both the algorithm and its proof of correctness very precisely, and 2) the complexity is very much evident from your English description. We attempt to grade the answer right after reading the English description, and only in a few occasions we do look into the pseudocode. Absolutely no pseudocode without any English description preceding that would be accepted. For knowing what pseudocode is, please go to the class website. Pseudocodes that look like programs will be treated as programs only and will NOT be looked into. Every problem below has a page limit. Do not exceed that. And, page means one side of a page, so if we say page limit is 1 page, we mean only one side of a page. If we say that the page limit is 2 pages, then you can write on both sides of the page. If you think that the given page limit is too short, then type your answer. Any portion of the answer that exceeds the page limit is simply ignored....
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HW3_005 - COT5405 Analysis of Algorithms Homework 3 Due...

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