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UFEdge - COT 5405 Analysis of Algorithms Summer 2009...

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COT 5405 Analysis of Algorithms Summer 2009 Homework Submission Instructions for UF Edge Students 1. You MUST attach the cover sheet on all your homework submissions. 2. Typed in answers are the preferred method, but handwritten submissions are permitted too, provided it is very neat and legible. Illegible / unreadable / semi-readable answers will receive ZERO credits. 3. If possible, please have the answers printed / written in the same order of the questions. (This is only a suggestion, not a strict requirement.) 4. Usually, your homework assignments would be given on Monday and you have exactly one week to turn in your assignment. 5. Absolutely NO LATE submissions are accepted. If you are not completely done, submit " as is ", since that will fetch some partial credits, which is better than no credit. 6. There are two ways to submit your assignments – you can either fax them to 352 392 1220 with ATTN: Ravindranath Jampani – COT 5405 ” on the Fax cover sheet, or you can e-mail it to
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