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Ace Arroyo, Psyc 100 CHAPTER 14 SUMMARY OUTLINE PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS I. Studying Psychological Disorders A. Identifying Abnormal Behavior 1. Abnormal Behavior a. Statistical Infrequency b. Disability or Dysfunction c. Personal Distress d. Violation of Norms 1. Avoiding Ethnocentrism a. Robert Nishimoto i. Culture-general symptoms ii. Culture-bound symptoms iii. Depression across cultures 1a. Sad affect 2a. Decreased enjoyment 3a. Anxiety 4a. Difficulty in concentrating 5a. Lack of energy b. Culture-bound disorders i. Windigo Psychosis C. Explaining Abnormal Behavior 1. Explaining Abnormality: From Superstition to Science a. Exorcism b. Asylums c. Medical Model i. Philippe Pinel-1792 d. Psychiatry e. Thomas Szasz D. Classifying Abnormal Behavior: 1. The Diagnostic and Statiscal Manual IV-TR 2. Neurosis 3. Psychosis 4. Insantity E. Understanding the DSM 1. Five major dimensions-axes a. Axis I Clinical Disorders b. Axis II Trait Disorders c. Axis III Medical conditions d. Axis IV Stressors e. Axis V Level of Functioning 2. Main Categories of Mental Disorders in DSM-IV-TR a: Anxiety; Mood; Schizophrenia and other Psychotic; Dissociative; Personality; Substance Related; Somatoform; Factitious; Sexual and
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Gender; Sleep; Impulse Control; Adjustment; Disorders diagnosed before adulthood; Delirium Dementia; and Other Cognitive Disorders; Mental Disorders due to a general mental condition; Other conditions that may be
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Pscy_Chp_14_Outline - Ace Arroyo, Psyc 100 CHAPTER 14...

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