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Ace Arroyo, Psyc 100 CHAPTER 2 SUMMARY OUTLINE NEUROSCIENCE AND BIOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS I. Neural Bases of Behavior A. What is a Neuron? 1. Cell of nervous system responsible for receiving and transmitting electrochemical information. a. Neuron b. Glial Cells c. Dendrites d. Cell Body c. Axon e. Myelin Sheath f. Terminal Buttons B. Neurotransmitters 1. Regulate physical and mental processes a. Serotonin b. Acetylcholine (Ach) c. Dopamine (DA) d. Norepinephrine (NE) (or Noradrealine) e. Epinehrine (or Adrenaline) f. GABA (gamma aminobutryic acid) g. Endorphins C. How do Neurons Communicate? 1. Communication within the Neuron a. Step 1-Resting Potential i. Resting, Polarized Membrane b. Step 2-Action Potential Initiation i. Depolarization (sodium ions flow in) c. Step 3-Spreading of Action Potential and Repolarization i. Repolarization- Potassium ions flow out 2. Communication Between Neurons a. Step 4- Sending Chemical Signal i. Neurotransmitters ii. Synapse b. Step 5- Receiving a Chemical Signal c. Step 6- Dealing with Left-overs i. Reuptake and Enzymatic Breakdown D. Psychology at Work 1. Neurotransmitters 2. Endorphins 3. Neurotransmitters and Disease a. Michael J. Fox 4. Neurotransmitters, Poisons, and Mind Altering Drugs 5. Hormones
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6. Endocrine System II. Nervous System Organization A. Central Nervous System (CNS) 1. Spinal Cord a. Reflexes 2. Brain a. Neruoplasticity b. Neurogenisis i. Stem Cells B. Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)
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Psyc_Chp2_Outline_and_Response - Ace Arroyo Psyc 100...

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