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BASS2000_ Solar Survey Archive

BASS2000_ Solar Survey Archive - BASS2000 Solar Surve...

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1/15/12 BASS2000: Solar Surve\ Archive 1/1 bass2000.obspm.fr/home.php 16 JaQ 2012 05:03 UT 16/01/2012 LATEST OBSERVATIONS MEUDON HELIOGRAPH 13-JaQ-2012 13:14:00 G BaQd iPage .jpg .fts.g] VROaU gUid RWheUV ZaYeOeQgWhV RU fUeTXeQcieV MEUDON SPECTROHELIOGRAPH 13-JaQ-2012 13:08:09 CaII SURPiQeQceV iPage .gif .fits.Z PRYie OXPiQRViW\ cXUYe RWheUV ZaYeOeQgWhV RU fUeTXeQcieV COIMBRA SPECTROHELIOGRAPH 14-JaQ-2012 12:38:21 CaII K3 iPage .jpg .fits VROaU gUid RWheUV ZaYeOeQgWhV RU fUeTXeQcieV CLIMSO PIC DU MIDI 15-JaQ-2012 13:11:40 H AOSha cRURQRgUaShic iPage .png .fts PRYie C1/L1 VXUiPSRVe RWheUV ZaYeOeQgWhV RU fUeTXeQcieV NANCAY RADIOHELIOGRAPH 13-JaQ-2012 13:45:40 150.9Mh] UadiR iPage .png .fits PRYie SORWV
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