jQuizMe-uncompressed - / jQuizMe 2.2 by Larry Battle....

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// jQuizMe 2.2 by Larry Battle. //Please give me feedback at [email protected] //Copyright (c) 2010 Larry Battle 12/30/2010 //Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses. //http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php //http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html // quizData =[ { ques: "", ans : ""}, {ques: "", ans : ""}, etc ]; // quiz( quizData, options ) # wordsList is an arrary of objects with the following format (function($){ var _jQuizMeLayOut = $("<div/>").addClass( "quiz-el").append( $("<div/>").addClass( "q-header q-innerArea").append( $("<div/>").addClass( "q-counter"), $("<div/>").addClass( "q-title") ), $("<div/>").addClass( "q-help q-innerArea").append( $("<div/>").addClass( "q-help-menu" ).append( $( "<span/>" ).addClass( "q-quit-area" ).append( $( "<input type ='button'/>" ).addClass( "q-quit- btn" ), $( "<input type='button'/>" ).addClass( "q- quitYes-btn q-quit-confirm" ).hide(), $( "<input type='button'/>" ).addClass( "q-quitNo- btn q-quit-confirm" ).hide() ), $("<input type='button'/>").addClass( "q-help-btn" ), $( "<span/>" ).addClass( "q-timer-area" ), $("<div/>").addClass( "q-help-info" ).hide() ) ), $("<div/>").addClass( "q-review-menu q-innerArea").append( $("<input type='button'/>").addClass( "q-details-btn q- reviewBar-btns" ), $("<input type='button'/>").addClass( "q-review-btn q- reviewBar-btns" ), $("<div/>").addClass( "q-reviewBar q-innerArea").append( $("<input type='button'/>").attr({ "class": "q-leftArrow q-review-arrows", "value": "<-" }), $("<input type='button'/>").attr({ "class": "q- rightArrow q-review-arrows", "value": "->" }), $( "<span/>" ).addClass( "q-review- nav" ).text( 'Reviewing question ' ).append( $("<select/>").addClass( "q-review-index-all q- review-index"), $("<select/>").addClass( "q-review-index-missed q- review-index").hide(), $("<span/>").addClass( "q-missMarker" ).show(), $("<input type='checkbox'/>").addClass( "q- showOnlyMissed-btn") ) ).hide() ), $("<div/>").addClass( "q-intro q-innerArea" ).append( $( '<p/>' ).addClass( "q-intro-info" ), $( '<input type="button"/>' ).addClass( "q-begin-btn" ) ).hide(), $("<div/>").addClass( "q-prob q-innerArea" ).append( $("<div/>").addClass( "q-ques q-probArea"), $("<div/>").addClass( "q-ans q-probArea").append( $( "<div/>" ).addClass( "q-ansSel" ), $( "<input type='button'/>" ).addClass( "q-check- btn" ),
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$( "<input type='button'/>" ).addClass( "q-next- btn" ) ), $("<div/>").addClass( "q-result q-probArea" ).hide() ), $("<div/>").addClass( "q-gameOver q-innerArea" ).append( $("<div/>").addClass( "q-stat q-probArea").append( $("<span/>").addClass( "q-statTotal q-center"), $("<hr/>"), $("<blockquote/>").addClass( "q-statDetails"), $("<div/>").addClass( "q-extraStat" ) ), $("<div/>").addClass( "q-options q-probArea q-center").append( $("<input type='button'/>").addClass( "q-restart-btn" ), $("<input type='button'/>").addClass( "q-del-btn" ) ) ).hide() ); // Note: areArraysSame will fail when there is an object within the array. var areArraysSame = function( mainArr, testArr) {
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This note was uploaded on 01/16/2012 for the course WRITING 21w.789 taught by Professor Edwardbarrett during the Spring '11 term at MIT.

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jQuizMe-uncompressed - / jQuizMe 2.2 by Larry Battle....

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