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73 Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences The Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences currently offers five undergraduate majors and one master‘s degree program. The undergraduate majors are Social Relations, Psychology, Political Science, Geographic Information Science, and Social Science. Classes for our undergraduate majors meet in Duckrey Social Science building. Our Master‘s in Public Administration offers evening courses at our Urban Center at 8th & Market Streets in Philadelphia. The faculty members of the department include specialists in anthropology, criminal justice, law, geography, history, political science, psychology, and sociology. The faculty brings to the classroom years of experience as educators, practitioners, and researchers in national and local studies, policy analysis, and clinical and judicial practice. Our commitment to teaching and small classes provides the opportunity for each student to learn and to be known for what he or she has to share with others in the educational process. The varied opportunities for involvement in presentations and activities are aided by an active psychology club and a chapter of the Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology. Geography has Gamma Theta Upsilon, which is an international honor society. The courses taught in the department are designed to meet the needs of students who are majoring in these areas and to assist non-majors in their professional preparations. It is essential that all students who are interested in taking a program of study in one of the areas administered by the department consult the departmental academic advisors early in their course work. This should preferably be done at the beginning of the freshman year. While the ultimate responsibility for meet ing graduation requirements is the student‘s, it is essential that students who intend to major in one of these areas ask to be assigned a major academic
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giscs - Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences The...

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