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ed from a Microbiology and Immunology GRADUATE STUDENT SEMINAR SCHEDULE 2009-2010 Switch Seminars must be given by October 2 due to GPS admission deadlines. Seminars are scheduled for Thursday at 9:00 a.m. in room 507/509 of the Duff Medical Building. One letter grade will be deduct student’s final mark if more than 30% of seminars are missed per academic year. PART 1. GRADING COMMITTEE FOR PART 1, September 17 - December 17, 2009 Dr. Robert Murgita, Head of the Grading Committee Dr. Sabah Hussain/ Dr. Amee Manges (sharing) Student's supervisor Student presenting Seminar Supervisor Chair September Thursday 17 1 Felix Hugentobler first PhD Cousineau Mahbuba/Raya 2 Aaron Daniel Donahue switch Wainberg Schader/Susan October Thursday 1 1 Mia Biondi switch Gotte Brian Scarth 2 Caroline Vincent final MSc Manges Racicot-Bergeron 3 Mathieu Gigoux switch Suh Leung/Joanne Thursday 15 1 Lawrie/Sarah first MSc Bar-Or Zaguia, Fatma 2 Lee-Hwa Tai final PhD Makrigiannis Bélanger/Simon Thursday 29 1 McCall/Laura-Isobel
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Graduate_Seminars_Winter_2010_revised_23_Feb_2010 -...

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