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MEDICAL SERVICE CORPS Behavioral Science Field APPLICATION CHECKLIST (As of March 2009) JOIN THE NATION’S OLDEST MEDICAL ORGANIZATION. As Medical Service Officer in the Behavioral Science field, you'll acquire skills that will make you a leader in your field. You’ll enhance the social well being and functioning of individuals, families, units that most people only read about, while giving back to your community and country Documents to be completed and return . Electronic documents are available upon request or you can down load the documents from the NYARNG/Officer Accession Branch web page under the DOCUMENTS button on the tool bar. U.S. ARMY RECRUITING COMMAND (USAREC) INITIAL APPOINTMENT APPLICATION DOCUMENTS ± All applicants must be citizens of the United States. _____a. Verified, true copy of your Birth Certificate . If not born in the United States, we must see the original Naturalization Certificate and a DA Form 5252-R “Evidence of Citizenship Status” must be completed. Also, a USCIS Form G-845 will be submitted for verification of citizenship status. Child born aboard of American parents(s) you need to provide a verified, true copy of one of the following forms: (1) DA Form 1350 (2) INS Form N-560 (3) FS Form 545 (4) FS Form 240 _____b. Verified, true copy of your Social Security Card. ± Direct Commission Accession (DCA) Applicant Worksheet : The information request will be used to complete the following documents as noted below (Must be typed). ± NGB Form 62E : “Application for Federal Recognition as an Army National Guard Officer”. Original signature required by applicant (Must be typed). Note 1: Section 1, line 1 & 2 enter 1LT/O2 for MS degree in social work, and CPT/O1 for a PhD, then MS/Medical Service Corps (73). (E.g., CPT/O3, MS/Medical Service Corps (73)) Note 2: “Yes” Answers to section 2p, q, or r requires a civil conviction waiver approval before submitting package to USAREC Board. ± Curriculum Vitae/Resume (CV): See example (Must be typed) ± Statement of Motivation and Intent Letter identifying your reason for seeking appointment in the Army Medical Service Corps (MS) and what benefits you can offer (Must be typed). ± Education Documents: Must be a graduate of education program accredited by an agency recognized by the US Secretary of Education. If you have credits from one or more colleges/institutions
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MEDICAL SERVICE CORPS Behavioral Science Field APPLICATION CHECKLIST (As of March 2009) that were applied toward the qualifying degree, all transcripts must be provided unless actual transfer grade is noted on final transcript. ____a. Copy of all Diplomas that is pertinent to what you are applying for (PSV). ____b. Original, Certified College Transcript
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b_science_checklist - MEDICAL SERVICE CORPS Behavioral...

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