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Course Hours COM 3303 Communications for Church Workers OR COM 3304 Group Dynamics REDU 1111 Spiritual Disciplines I REDU 1112 Spiritual Disciplines II REDU 2220 Intro to DCE Ministry REDU 3350 Curr & Methods in Religious Education REDU 3250 Christian Witness & Evangelism REDU 3310 Youth Ministry REDU 3315 Confirmation Planning & Implementation REDU 3317 Children’s Ministry REDU 3320 Parish Administration REDU 3330 Family Ministry REDU 3340 Adult Education in the Parish REDU 3341 Leadership Development REDU 4210 DCE Practicum I REDU 4211 DCE Practicum II PSY 1311 Intro to Psychology* PSY 2301 Life-Span Development PSY 3331 Intro to Counseling REL 3333 Intro to Christian Ethics REL 3353 American Christianity OR REL 3381 Major World Religions SOC 1301 Intro to Sociology* SOC 3302 Marriage and Family One of the following: REL 3302 Luke-Acts
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Unformatted text preview: REL 3303 Major Pauline Epistles REL 3312 Wisdom Literature REL 3313 Isaiah REL 3335 Christian Apologetics Total Hours Bachelor of Arts Religious Education Major Behavioral Science Minor Major Courses Behavior Science Minor Certification as a DCE in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod requires completion of two terms of an internship in a LCMS congregation. REDU 41210 Internship I REDU 41211 Internship II *Courses may be counted in Professional Development and the Minor, but may NOT be counted in the CORE Total Hours is : 76 + Core Course Hours PSY 1311 General Psychology 3 SOC 1301 Introduction to Sociology 3 PSY 2341 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences 3 PSY 3391 Research in Behavioral Sciences 3 Plus 9 upper-level hours in: 3 hours in Psychology 3 3 hours in Sociology 1 3 hours in Psychology or Sociology 3 Total Hours 21...
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