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Unformatted text preview: 1 AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF FOUNDATIONAL LITERATURE IN ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR AND DEVELOPMENT Compiled with commentary by Peter B. Vaill University of St. Thomas Minneapolis, MN 55403 2001 Copyright, Peter B. Vaill, 2001. 2 Compiler's Preface This bibliography was originally prepared primarily for internal use in the doctoral program of the School of Business and Public Management of George Washington University. The bibliography reflects my own educational history, which began as an undergraduate major in social psychology at the University of Minnesota, continued as a graduate student at the Harvard Business School in the early 1960's and proceeded to a six year faculty appointment at the Graduate School of Management, UCLA. From 1969 until 1998, I was also deeply involved with the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science. In addition, I have worked on OB/OD at the University of Connecticut, George Washington University, and the University of St. Thomas where I have continued my career. All four of my formative institutions (Minnesota, Harvard, UCLA and NTL) have been the source of major conceptual and empirical contributions to the field of Organizational Behavior and have influenced me profoundly. These four institutions are by no means the only sources of concepts and research findings, however. To an extent unknown to me, insufficient (or worse, inaccurate!) attention may have been given in this bibliography to such other centers of early thought in Organizational Behavior and Development as MIT, the University of Michigan, Carnegie-Mellon, Case Western Reserve, Boston University, and Teachers College Columbia as well as other institutions influenced by these. Doubtless there are some glaring omissions which, when they are pointed out, will cause me to rend my garments in anguish. As one additional prefatory comment, a word is needed on the criteria employed for compiling this bibliography. For the most part, only literature prior to the mid-1970's has been included . Various books of readings and other bibliographies have been consulted in selecting entries for this list. In general, the attempt has been to mention the names and major works of all those who are generally viewed (in my judgment) as having contributed to the creation of the fields of Organizational Behavior and Organization Development. It must also be granted that there are many influential books in academic psychology and sociology that have been omitted from this list, either by accident or design. It should also be noted that the 1990's have begun to see publication of histories and other bibliographies of the field (see Kleiner, Varney and Loeffler, and Weisbord, below)....
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