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ST. VINCENT’S COLLEGE Spring 2009 BIO 212 Online Course 4 credits Instructor: Susan R. Capasso Ed.D., CGC Email: [email protected] or Angel Phone: 203-576-5323 Class Website: Course Description: A continuation of BIO 211. Course and laboratory work includes the study of genetics, fluids and electrolytes, acid-base balance and the endocrine, respiratory, urinary, reproductive, lymphatic and immune systems. The special senses of the eye, ear, taste and smell are also covered. Three hours lecture and one three- hour laboratory period per week Pre-requisites: BIO 100, CHE 100 and BIO 211 Course Objectives: Upon completion of Biology 211, the student will be able to: 1. Identify the functions of the body as a complex of the cells. 2. Describe and locate the basic tissues and organs of the body. 3. Describe the contributions of the microscopic and gross structure, functions and organization of the endocrine, urinary, respiratory and reproductive systems. 4. Utilize the metric system 5. Interpret laboratory values 6. Interpret the pH scale 7. Interpret enzyme levels 8. Interpret arterial blood gases 9. Improve the understanding of scientific principles and the methods of scientific inquiry 10. Use critical thinking skills to answer genetic probability problems 11. Analyze research for examination questions 12. Submit and interpret karyotypes 13. Gather data and applies it in fluid electrolyte modules 14. Identify the role of adaptation in response to changes in environmental conditions. 15. Be able to interpret genetic pedigrees and modes of inheritance 16. Develop a three generation pedigree 15. Recognize ethical-legal standards in science. 16. Discuss the legal, ethical, societal and scientific implications of the Human Genome Project Attendance: You are expected to access all scheduled lab and lecture sessions 1
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Textbook and Supplementary Materials Required : 1. Text: Anatomy and Physiology: From Science to Life, 1 st edition by Jenkins, Kemnitz and Tortora, John Wiley and Sons 2007. ISBN 0471- 61318-5 2. Companion DVD: The DVD is organized to correlate completely with the modular design of the text, most content on the DVD is accessed by clicking on the appropriate concept statement for each chapter. In the printed text a distinctive icon is placed near the narrative that
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BIO_212_Online_Syllabus[1] - 1 ST VINCENTS COLLEGE Spring...

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