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BIOLOGY 485 PRINCIPLES OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY COURSE SYLLABUS San Diego State University Fall 2010 Monday and Wednesday 12:00 – 1:15 PM Room LS 111 Professor: Constantine D. Tsoukas, Ph.D. Office: LS 406 Telephone: 594-5764 Office hours: By appointment E-mail: LaboratoryWeb Address: Purpose of the course This course will introduce the student to the principles of modern Immunology, both at the molecular and cellular levels. The course is designed for students who take immunology for the first time. Discussions on experimental and technical details will be minimized for the benefit of emphasizing the overall concepts under study. The topics to be discussed along with assigned readings are listed at the end of the syllabus. There will be extensive use of BB for communicating with the class and posting classroom material (announcements, lecture slides, extra reading, sample tests etc). Please familiarize yourself with its use. The instructor makes extensive use of visual displays in the lectures. For this purpose, the lecture slides have color and as a result, you will need to have a good computer and color printer to take full advantage of the lecture material. You can get access to computers and printers in the library. To facilitate downloading of files, I convert lecture slides to PDF files. To open these files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (preferably v9.0 or later) that can be downloaded free of charge. Prerequisites The prerequisite for this course is a good understanding of basic concepts of biochemistry, as well as cellular and molecular biology. Examples of such concepts can be found on the first page of the ‘Study Guide’ (see course website in BB). Because these concepts are fundamental to understanding principles of immunology, students must have taken the prerequisite courses, Biol. 202, Chem. 365,
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