BRMSSyllabus - Behavioral Research Methods and Statistics...

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Behavioral Research Methods and Statistics MAS class, Spring 2010 MAS 964 Class time : 12:00-3:00, Thursdays 6 week class beginning Feb 4 th ending Apr 1st Location: E14-525 Credits : 3-0-3, G-level Instructors: Matthew Goodwin, Ph.D. Office Hours: TBD Elliott Hedman Office hours: TBD Coco Krumme Office hours: TBD Professor Rosalind Picard Faculty Adviser
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Course Objectives: In order to design effective experiments and be critical consumers of research, investigators need to be able to generate relevant hypotheses, select appropriate research designs, compute proper statistics, and effectively communicate findings. By the end of the course, students will: 1. Have a thorough understanding of a variety of common research principles, designs, and statistical approaches employed in behavioral research; 2. Be able to address assumptions and limitations of various research designs and statistical approaches; 3. Understand how to formulate and apply hypothesis testing; 4. Get exposure to both qualitative and quantitative analyses. Methods will include ethnography, interviews, surveys, power analysis, effect size estimates, correlation, regression, analysis of variance, repeated measures, and times series analysis; and 5. Communicate statistical results, both written and orally. Motivation: For a creative concept to gain traction it must be validated. We intend to introduce students with little or no prior training in behavioral research methods and statistics to evaluate whether a technology, idea, or experimental outcome differs from what would be observed randomly. We also
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BRMSSyllabus - Behavioral Research Methods and Statistics...

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