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College of Business and Behavioral Science administered competency examination or by earning a B in EX ST 801. A six-hour internship in an applied setting is required of all students. The field placement is coordinated by the student, the graduate director and the on-site supervisor. Typically, the internship is completed in the summer between the first and sec- ond years of the program, but only after completing a minimum of 12 credit hours of 800-level coursework. In exceptional circumstances, the graduate coordina- tor may approve the substitution of six hours of ap- propriate coursework for the field placement when the student has had work experience comparable to the placement. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Master of Business Administration The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program provides an in-depth approach to business education, with opportunities to engage in real-world projects, interact with the business community, and participate in an extensive network of professional development activities. As is typical of MBA pro- grams, the Clemson MBA is designed for students with a minimum of two years of post-undergraduate professional work experience. Some exceptions to the work experience standard are made for outstanding students with non-business undergraduate degrees, particularly those pursuing another graduate or “dual” degree at Clemson. The MBA program provides a flexible, high quality experience designed to prepare graduates for success- ful management careers in business. The academic program is a maximum of 55 credit hours (roughly 21 courses) for those with little work experience and no prior business education; and a minimum of 36 credit hours (about 14 courses) for those with significant work experience and prior education in business. Students may pursue the MBA full-time (roughly 12 credit hours per semester) or part-time (three–six credit hours per semester) in the evenings. The MBA program is offered at the Clemson at the Falls campus in Greenville. The MBA program includes foundation, core, em- phasis area and internship courses. The foundation and core courses provide in-depth coverage of the basic business functions, as well as communica- tions, ethics and leadership. The student-selected emphasis area provides deeper study in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership, Supply Chain and Information Management, Real Estate, Marketing Analysis, Health Services, Services Science, or an area in which the student is pursuing a second “dual” graduate degree. Full-time students are encouraged to participate in internships or one of many interna- tional study-abroad options during the summer. Admission is based on standardized test scores (GMAT, TOEFL for applicants whose native language is not English), two letters of recommendation, aca- demic background (transcripts), work experiences (resume) and an interview. For more information about the admissions process or program specifics, including dual degree opportunities, please visit
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cbbs - College of Business and Behavioral Science COLLEGE...

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