Histology EmbryologyCourse2011-2012 KONACNA verzija

Histology EmbryologyCourse2011-2012 KONACNA verzija -...

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Histology and Embryology Department of Histology and Embryology School of Medicine Zagreb Organisation: Lectures: 46 hours Seminars: 23 hours Practicals: 69 hours Total: 23 days, 138 hours 1st week Lecture and seminar Practical Monday 26.09.2011. 8,30-10,45 Cells and tissues Ježek 11,15-13,30 histology and its methods of study All faculty Gorup, Ježek Tuesday 27.09.2011. 8,30-10,45 Epithelial tissue. Glands and secretion. Bradamante 11,15-13,30 simple squamous, stratified squamous (nonkeratinized and keratinized), acinar and tubulo-acinar salivary glands Gorup, Bradamante Wednesday 28.09.2011. 8,30-10,45 Connective tissue Bradamante 11,15-13,30 irregular dense connective tissue, adipose tissue, tendon¸ Vukasović, Bradamante Thursday 29.09.2011. 8,30-10,45 Muscle tissue Ćurlin 11,15-13,30 skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscles Gorup, Ćurlin Friday 30.09.2011. 8,30-10,45 Nerve tissue and the nervous system Gajović 11,15-13,30 peripheral nerve, spinal and sympathetic ganglia Gorup, Gajović 2nd week Lecture and seminar Practical Monday 03.10.2011. 8,30-10,45 Musculosceletal system, bone and cartilage Bradamante 11,15-13,30 hyaline, elastic, and fibrous cartilage, decalcified bone Kozina, Bradamante Tuesday 04.10.2011.
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Histology EmbryologyCourse2011-2012 KONACNA verzija -...

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