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GRADING AND EXAMINATION POLICIES OF THE DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGY AND MOLECULAR GENETICS Medical Immunology 544 Fall 2011 The Medical Immunology course offered in the fall of the first-year curriculum covers the cellular and molecular basis of immune responsiveness, and the roles of the immune system in both maintaining health and contributing to disease. The material will be presented in lectures and clinical correlates as well as in a set of core notes . Also included are three Patient-Oriented Problem Solving (POPS) sessions, in which participation is required. Prerequisite: none Grading: Your grade will be determined from the scores of two midterms and one final exam, weighted as follows: 2 Midterms 40% Final Exam 60% Course Total 100% The overall numerical score will be converted into a grade of Pass or Fail, with 65% being the minimum passing score. Examinations: All exams will consist of multiple-choice questions. Each of the two midterm exams will be scheduled in a one hour time slot, and the final exam in a two hour slot. While each of the two midterms contributes only 20% to your overall grade, each will be the equivalent of about half of a final exam in terms of the number of questions it contains and the amount of time allotted. A major purpose of these midterms is to ensure that you keep up with the content of the course and that you are well-prepared for the cumulative final exam on which the majority of your overall score will depend. Our multiple-choice exam questions are generally (but not solely) designed in National Board formats, and examples of past exams will be made available on the course web site. During any exam you are free to address any question you choose to a Proctor
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