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Unformatted text preview: Informing Science: the International Journal of an Emerging Transdiscipline Volume 12, 2009 Editor: T. Grandon Gill A Philosophy of Informing Science Eli B. Cohen Informing Science Institute, Santa Rosa, CA, USA [email protected] Abstract Informing Science is the transdiscipline that studies all issues in informing clients. In recent dec- ades, advances in information technologies magnify the impact and importance of this transdisci- pline on many fields of study. Yet transdisciplinary research conducted to date tends to be field- specific and not well informed by the works conducted in other fields that are also within this same transdiscipline. This paper provides additional context and so updates the content of the Cohen (1999) paper, the seminal work on Informing Science. This paper describes the Informing Science Philosophy of conducting research that crosses disciplinary boundaries. It also points out the need for colleagues from the diverse disciplines, each dealing with issues in informing clients, to communicate with and learn from one another. Keywords . Informing, transdiscipline, metaphors, informing science, frameworks Introduction The transdiscipline of Informing Science, as introduced by Cohen (1999), explores how best to inform clients using information technology. Thinking and researching in Informing Science has expanded in the last decade. The journal Informing Science: an International Journal of an Emerging Transdiscipline is in its twelve year of publication and the journal Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology is in its sixth. A Google search for the phrase “Informing Science” now brings up over 38,000 hits. The evolving transdiscipline involves various reference disciplines including psychology, com- puter science, evolutionary biology, and linguistics. Disciplines that use Informing Science are diverse: included are education, government, business, public relations, and dozens more. The essence of the Informing Science philosophy is the transfer of knowledge from one field to another: breaking down disciplinary boundaries that hinder the flow of knowledge. This paper aims, first, to show the evolving importance of Informing Science. It also points out areas of research that need further exploration and the need for refinement of the Informing Sci- ence framework. Informing through Metaphors This paper makes use of a number of metaphors to describe and explain its points. This is nothing new. Goschler (2007) writes about how metaphors in- form and impact scientific thinking. This use fits particularly well with the Material published as part of this publication, either on-line or in print, is copyrighted by the Informing Science Institute....
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ISJv12p001-015Cohen399 - Informing Science: the...

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