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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon 68 Science in School Issue 7 : Winter 2007 Resources in English The Association for Science Education The UK’s Association for Science Education provides many online teaching resources and links covering all science subjects and all student age groups. The interactive resources provide information and brief online tests on topics as diverse as Viagra ® , the Periodic Table, and the Big Bang. Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council Welcome.html These teaching materials for primary and secondary schools may be viewed online, downloaded or ordered. They include interactive presentations, information sheets, online exhibitions and materials for running workshops. Topics covered include the structure of DNA, biodiversity, physiology, animal welfare, plants, agriculture, food biotechnology, spiders and genetics. Cancer Research UK These online lesson plans address the biology of cancer, ethical issues surrounding the use of human tissues in research, how to lead a healthy life, and the role of viruses in cancer and the possible impacts of a vaccine for cervical cancer. The lesson plans are tailored to the English key stage 4 (ages 14-16) curriculum, but elements could be adapted by teachers in other European countries. CERN (English, French, German and Italian) /OnlineResources/OnlineResources-en.html CERN, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, provides online lectures, games, demonstrations of experi- ments to do in the classroom, movies, pictures, posters, and presentations about high-energy physics. Topics include particle physics, antimatter and special relativity as well as the functioning of bubble chambers and techno- logical applications of CERN’s research. The games about CERN’s Large Hadron Collider and the microcosm are available in English, French, German and Italian. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Teaching materials on the DNA interactive website include interactive applications, information modules, les- son plans and student worksheets. All materials relate to DNA, but cover subjects as varied as the Romanov family, DNA fingerprinting in human identification, genes and medicine, and human origins. The accompanying DVD can be purchased online. It can be difficult and time consuming to develop materials for really good science lessons. Many scientific research organisations, howev- er, provide teaching resources, often designed together with teachers. Researchers provide scientific expertise and the teachers bring years of experience in the classroom. These materials include pictures and videos as well as ideas for scien-
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