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Unformatted text preview: Bookreviews recommending itto m y undergraduate stu- dents. Ithink that itwill, however, be of limitedvaluetopostgraduates. CH BUCKLEY Muir'sTextbook ofPathology. 13thedn. Ed RNM MacSween, K Whaley. (Pp 1245; £32.95.) Edward Arnold. 1992. ISBN 0- 340-55145-3 The new 13th edition ofMuir's Pathology retainsthefamiliar,successful divisioninto a general pathology section ad a large sys- tematic pathology section, but has been revisedand expanded (especiallyingeneral pathology). Many oftheillustrationswillbe recognised from previous editions, but a large number of clear new diagrams and linedrawingshavebeenadded. These work very well, giving cohesion to the volume and illustratingimportantpointsinan easy- to-follow manner-for example, showing the main features ofthe different types of Reed-Steinberg cells.A furtherelaboration whichwillmake thevolume ofmore use to postgraduates, including those studyingfor thecollegeexam, istheuse oftableswhich expandon theinformationinthesystematic chapters, for instance, detailing the main featuresofthebulbousdiseases. There is much more information here than most medical students willever need, butthetext isset out clearlyand insuch a way thatthesensiblestudentshouldnot feel overloaded. As an aidto planning tutorials the edition will also make life easier for pathology lecturers. This book would cer- tainly not be out of place on the book- shelves of the district general hospital pathologist, especially as a quick reference on diseaseaetiologyandthe newer scientific aspects ofthesubject(very much thesortof thing to have a quick leafthrough before presentinga case at a CPC). The main tar- get will,however, remaintheundergraduate and for many thiswillbe the firstand last textbook ofpathology ever purchased. As such, itplaces our subject in a very good light and isa pleasure justto handle and browse through. At C32.00 in hardback, thisisexceptionalvaluefor money and cer- tainlynot an unlucky 13th....
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