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Organizational Behavior IEMS 342 Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences Professor: Paul Leonardi Term: Spring 2008 Email: [email protected] Day and Time: T/R 9:30-10:50 Office Hours: Tuesdays 1-3 and by appointment Location: Tech M-152 OVERVIEW The purpose of this course is to increase your ability to understand and improve the organizations within which you will work. It is a course in applied behavioral science. By this I mean that we will review some fundamental behavioral science concepts and illustrate how they can be effectively used in organizations. Although the emphasis is on high technology and manufacturing organizations, the course material applies to organizations in general. This course will also help you understand some of the challenges involved in both managing and being managed. Each week we will explore a different process germane to the functioning of organizations. Each Tuesday we will focus on how entry level managers can participate in and affect the process under study. Each Thursday we will focus on how the process can be influenced by more senior management. Examining organizational processes at various levels of analysis will help you to learn how management practices change as you progress through your career and how the things managers expect you to do change too. Ultimately, the tools and skills developed in this course should equip you to become more effective contributors to organizations that you join. Much of our learning in this course will be through case studies, exercises, and class discussions. There is no textbook for this course. All readings and case materials are available in PDF format for download from the course’s blackboard site. COURSE REQUIREMENTS Lectures Class participation and attendance are desired and important. As mentioned below, they will affect grading. If an article is listed for discussion, then you should be prepared to contribute to the class discussion of that article. Specific discussion questions are in the syllabus. A good grade will be difficult to achieve without regular class attendance because the lectures cover material that is not in the readings. Readings The readings assigned each week illustrate important concepts in the management of organizational processes. Readings are based on evidence from empirical studies of various practices and strategies of management. The readings are not fluff. They are assigned to provide fodder for discussion and lenses through which to interpret the material presented in the case studies. You should ask yourself the following questions about each reading: 1. What is the central problem the author(s) is trying to solve? 2. What primary mechanisms are posited?
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3. What is the evidence to support the argument(s)? How convincing is that evidence? 4.
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ob - Organizational Behavior IEMS 342 Industrial...

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