Syllabus MLS 363

Syllabus MLS 363 - MLS 363 Histology techniques ( ) COURSE...

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Unformatted text preview: MLS 363 Histology techniques ( ) COURSE SYLLABUS Lecture : 1 Hours/ week Practical class: 2 hours/week Credit hours: 2h Book: Theory and practice of Histological Techniques By: John D Bancroft Instructor: Dr. Tarek Atia A. Professor of Histology, Cytology & Genetics Course Description: This course will provide the students with the basic knowledge of the theoretical and applied aspects of different techniques of tissue processing and stains. This course will also cover the basics of tissue processing for light as well as electron microscopy; the routing and special stains for different tissues; histochemistry; immuno- histochemistry; in situ hybridization; DNA isolation from preserved and stained tissue on microscopic slides; and tissue culture. Goals: 1. To develop an understanding of the tissue processing techniques. 2. To develop skills tissue handling and sectioning 3. To develop skills of slide making for frozen as well as paraffin embedded tissues. 4. To develop skills of tissue staining with different types of stain according to the tissue/disease type. 5. To understand and develop skills of tissue culture, choice of media, DNA isolation and in situ hybridization. TEACHING METHODS 1. LECTURES: The main purposes of lectures are: to provide up-to-date information that is not yet present in the textbooks, to help separate essential material from non-essential, and...
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Syllabus MLS 363 - MLS 363 Histology techniques ( ) COURSE...

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