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Unformatted text preview: WELCOME TO IMMUNOLOGY (BIOL 4704) Spring 2012 Syllabus Instructor: Dr. Klaus D. Elgert Office: 2097 Derring Hall Phone: 231-6119 e-mail: [email protected] Everything except your required textbook IMMUNOLOGY: Understanding the Immune System, 2nd Edition (available at the University Bookstores and Tech Bookstore) and your instructor is located on our class Web (Internet) site; therefore, you must read ALL the course material closely (particularly numbers 1 – 5 listed below)! (Course Time Table comment and restrictions: Prerequisite strictly enforced; must attend 1st WEEK of class or you will be dropped.) We will use computers to supplement (not replace) the classroom teaching of Immunology. You are not required to buy a computer for use in this course, but you should use a computer to access our class web site at least every other day. You need to engage the content. Your success in the course will depend strongly on it! The use of the web site is no substitute for attending class. You should not try to use the information on the web as a replacement for the knowledge you can only obtain in the lecture. Class attendance is critical (random attendance will be taken; more than two undocumented absences could lead to a 1% subtraction from your overall percentage for each additional absence and access denial to Scholar course-associated site material), judging from the past, there is a strong probability that those who attend lecture will, on average, obtain higher marks than those who do not. The bottom-line, if you use the web site as a substitute, you will lose; if you use it as a supplement, you will win! (Again! Course Time Table comment: Prerequisite strictly enforced; must attend 1st WEEK of class or you will be dropped!) Our web address for the Course (Biology 4704) starts at: https://scholar.vt.edu:443/access/content/group/486ab6f5-fbff-47cb-a49a-92ac9ab406fd/index.html or an easier to remember URL: http://www.immunology.biol.vt.edu (an automatic redirect will occur, once there bookmark) This page will provide some “> quick links…” which will allow you to go directly to either the Biology 4704 Homepage, the News or the Syllabus. On the homepage go to the “> site help…” area and click on > some orientation… before you proceed. If you are using your own computer, set Bookmarks to the pages of choice. If you have any questions about getting started with our website using computers, please contact me immediately! (I do not control the inability of your printer to print [content is designed to work on university printers] or the server on which the site resides; however, if server-related problems occur, i.e., the server crashes and you cannot access the site, please inform me.) By accessing the web site, you can: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. PRINT the exam and lecture schedule (to force you to practice navigating the site; the exam and lecture schedule is not included here, the remaining two pages of this handout (the Syllabus) are found on the web site – go to it ASAP and print them!), view all class announcements (note that NONE will be made in class, so visit “ >>>news” often), obtain all the pdf lecture handouts before class (can print now), read before class, and BRING THEM TO CLASS!, read the written Course Policy; if you want, print yourself a copy (these expectations are a must read, in fact, do it ASAP!), read hints on how to succeed in biology 4704 (a must read!), have on-line class discussions with the instructor and your classmates, read the same pdf lecture handouts but in an interactive HTML (hypertext) form (the increased depth rounds out the material and the Gunners like it), and 1 8. view the colorized lecture slides just as seen in class (view only [after the lecture that completes the topic coverage], cannot print; however, knowing that you can view the lecture material again — you can listen more and transcribe less). Observation: Judging the future by the past, those students that substitute the copying of lecture slides for lecture attendance have the lowest grades. In addition, the web site allows you to: 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. submit questions that future students may use, and you receive extra credit for doing it (there are other extra credits too, see news), take practice quizzes (there are no koofers), read your test results electronically, send electronic mail to the instructor (see COURSE POLICY for proper etiquette; due to my e-mail volume, improperly addressed mail is filtered into the trash), access a electronic Glossary, link directly to other interesting web sites, and do numerous other things… USE THE CAMPUS COMPUTER LABS. I suggest that you use the computer labs (particularly ones with printers) in Hillcrest Hall, Newman Library/Torgersen Hall, and Math Emporium, but there are many others. CHECK OUT the Biology 4704 Immunology Home Page links FOR INFORMATION ABOUT, AVAILABILITY OF, AND LOCATIONS OF, COMPUTER LABS, AND OTHER COMPUTER-RELATED INFORMATION. As part of your Virginia Tech student fees, you receive the most recent universitysupported computer software. Or the course Home Page (biol4704) contains download links for free Adobe Acrobat Reader, Internet Explorer, and other software. (As a Mac person, I use Safari and Firefox because they work well [but others like, the newest Internet Explorer, etc. will work fine] and most recent Adobe Acrobat Reader, and I highly recommend you use them. I suspect many, if not all, university computers also do.) Remember you can control the view (Zoom…) and/or font size on your browser, adjust accordingly. Check us out often, explore, experiment, and enjoy! As you proceed, read ALL instructions closely. If the computer you are using has Internet Explorer (or any browser) running as you begin viewing the HomePage, click the “Reload Page” button at the top of the browser to make sure you are viewing the most recent version of the on-line course stuff. If this is a public computer or if someone else could gain access to it, you should terminate the session of the web browser (generally done by selecting QUIT under the FILE menu). This will shut down the browser — it is a must! I like to maintain an open atmosphere in class, welcoming your questions and comments. I respect you (and expect the same from you), I care about your academic development, and you should know that this drives all of my course decisions. The bottomline is take advantage of me as an academic resource; if you don’t, it’s your fault! Success in this course will depend on knowledge acquisition from a variety of sources. The use of the website is NO substitute for class attendance, critical review of the handouts and your lecture notes, required readings, etc. It is important that you understand that exams require integrative thinking and rely little on rote learning and regurgitation of facts. There are no koofers (if there are, it is an Honor Code violation); however, you can practice answering the type of questions that will appear on the exams in the practice quizzes site. Some Do’s and Don’ts: • Silence your cell phone before entering classroom! NO texting during lecture! • Class starts at 11:00 am, NOT 11:05, 11:10…late arrival distracts class proceedings! • Do not talk with your classmates during lectures! The classroom is a place for teaching and learning — there are many other places and times to meet and chat with friends. Just remember, there is no right to distract others or to interfere with their freedom to learn. NOW GO TO THE WEBSITE AND PRINTOUT THE REMAINING TWO PAGES OF THE SYLLABUS: THE EXAM AND LECTURE SCHEDULE! 2 Examination and Lecture Schedule BIOLOGY 4704 — IMMUNOLOGY Department of Biological Sciences Spring 2012 (Dr. Elgert) (See Course Policy for specifics about Objectives, Examination Policy, Grading Criteria and Evaluation, Grading Criteria and Evaluation Policy Specifics, Disability Accommodations, and more.) Office Hours: T R 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM or by appointment Office: 2097 Derring Hall Lecture Room/Time: Surge 104B, T R from 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM 1. 2. 3. 4. EXAMINATIONS (DATES): Spring Semester, 2012: First Exam: February 9, material covered from January 17 through February 7. Second Exam: March 15, material covered from February 14 through March 13. Third Exam: April 10, material covered from March 20 through April 5. Final Exam: May 4 (10:05 AM to 12:05 PM), material covered from April 12 through May 1. *Required Textbook: IMMUNOLOGY: Understanding the Immune System, 2nd Edition. 2009. Klaus D. Elgert. Wiley-Blackwell, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Publishers. (It is available at both University Bookstores and the Tech Bookstore — make sure it is the 2nd Edition!) *Some exam questions dealing with material not cover in lecture are taken directly from text readings. (Read Hints on how to succeed in Biology 4704 for description and associated explanations!) IMPORTANT READS: COURSE POLICY and HINTS ON HOW TO SUCCEED IN BIOLOGY 4704 (Do it now!) 3 BIOLOGY 4704 — IMMUNOLOGY Department of Biological Sciences Lecture and Examination Schedule Spring 2012 Lecture # 1 2 3 Date January 17 19 24 4 26 5 31 6 7 EXAM 8 February 2 7 February 9 14 9 10 16 21 11 23 12 28 13 March 1 March 5-9 14 13 EXAM 15 16 March 15 20 22 17 27 18 29 19 20 EXAM 21 22 23 24 25 April 3 5 April 10 12 17 19 24 26 26 FINAL EXAM May 1 May 4 Topic* Introduction / Overview / Innate Immunity Introduction / Overview / Innate Immunity, con’t Cells and Organs of the Immune System: Cells — Lymphocytes, Antigen-presenting cells, and NK cells Cells and Organs of the Immune System: Organs — Lymph Nodes and Spleen Antigens: Properties / Characteristics, Haptens, and Antigenic Determinants of Macromolecules Antibodies (Abs): Structure-Function Relationships Abs, con’t: Structure and Classes EXAM Ab Diversity: Theories of, Organization and Rearrangement of Ab Genes, Ab Diversity, con’t: Generation of The Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC): Introduction / Terminology; H-2 and HLA Complexes and Associated Class I and II MHC Molecules MHC, con’t. MHC Restriction: Background, MHC Restriction, con’t: Immune Response and MHC Linkage, Division of Labor Among T cells, Cytotoxic T (TC) Cell and Helper T (TH) Cell MHC Restriction, MHC Molecules as Receptors MHC Restriction, con’t. Antigen Processing. T-Cell Antigen Receptor (TCR) Complex: Characterization, Spring Break TCR Complex, con’t: TCR Diversity, Accessory Molecules, Thymic Selection / T-Cell Development EXAM Cytokines Cellular Cooperation: Introduction, B-cell Development, and Benchmark Experiments; Cellular Interactions — 1. Between TH cells and Dendritic cells, 2. Between TH cells and B cells, Cellular Cooperation, con’t: Immunoregulation (of preceding interactions), and Cellular Cooperation, con’t: 3. TH cells and TC cells and TC cells and Target Cells Complement Immediate Hypersensitivity: Type I (& Types II & III) EXAM Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity: Type IV Immunologic Tolerance and Autoimmunity Transplantation Immunology Tumor Immunology Tumor Immunology, con’t; Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) AIDS, con’t FINAL EXAM: 10:05 am to 12:05 pm *Topics are associated with the corresponding sections in the book (some presented topic sections may be in the same lecture but may not be in the same chapters); nonetheless, you can always read ahead. Some topics may require less or more time or start in the middle of a lecture; so, lecture dates may change, exam dates will not. 4 ...
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