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FREE PUBLIC LECTURE International Day of Immunology 2011 YOUR BODY AT WAR! Every second of every day, your body is under attack! Microbes are all around you – in your environment, in your food – waiting for a chance to invade. Fortunately, you have a wonderful armoury of immune cells that are constantly patrolling throughout your body, ready to fight these microbes and protect you from disease. Counteracting this, microbes have lots of combat man œ uvers of their own…. . Please join us for an informative and entertaining series of short talks by three leading Melbourne research scientists on how your immune system battles against infections. Light refreshments will follow, and a chance to talk more with the scientists themselves. This is a free event. Professor Elizabeth Hartland (ARC Future Fellow, The University of Melbourne) Bacterial diarrhoea: infection by stealth Professor Brendan Crabb (Director and CEO, Burnet Institute) Fighting malaria, and the evolution of humans Professor Anne Kelso
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