Socy 101- Test 3 Terms

Socy 101- Test 3 Terms - Socy 101 - Test 3 Terms Chapter 7...

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Socy 101 - Test 3 Terms Chapter 7 Social stratification – a system in which groups of people are divided into layers according to their relative property, power, and prestige. Slavery – whose essential characteristic is that some individuals own other people. Caste system – status is determined by birth and is lifelong. Someone who is born into a low-status group will always have low status, no matter how much that person may accomplish in life. Endogamy – marriage within there own group, and prohibit intermarriage. Class system – is much more open, for it is based primarily on money or material possessions, which can be acquired. Social mobility – movement up or down the class ladder. Means of production – the tools, factories, land, and investment capital used to produce wealth. Bourgeoisie (capitalists) – those who own the means of production Proletariat (workers) – those who work for the owners Class consciousness – a shared identity based on their position in the means of production. False class consciousness – workers mistakenly thinking of themselves as capitalists. Meritocracy – positions would be awarded on the basis of merit Divine right of kings – the idea that the king’s authority comes directly from god Colonialism – stresses that the countries that industrialized first got the jump on the rest of world World system theory – industrialized led to four groups of nations. Economic and political connections that tie that world’s countries together. Globalization of capitalism – the adoption of capitalism around the world Culture of poverty – a way of life that perpetuates poverty from one generation to the next
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Neocolonialism – the economic and political dominance of the Least Industrialized Nations by the Most Industrialized Nations Multinational corporations – companies that operate across many national boundaries Chapter 8 Social class – a large group of people who rank closely to one another in property, power, and prestige. Property – comes in many forms, such as buildings, land, animals, machinery, cars, stocks, bonds, businesses, furniture, jewelry, and bank accounts. Wealth – the total value of everything someone owns, minus the debts
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Socy 101- Test 3 Terms - Socy 101 - Test 3 Terms Chapter 7...

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