syl_cms99 - 1 of 3 1/5/99 CGN 3421 Computer Methods Spring...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 of 3 1/5/99 CGN 3421 Computer Methods Spring 1999 Instructor: Professor Gurley, 204F Weil, Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 10:30 - 11:30. Please make an attempt to seek help dur- ing office hours. If you have a conflict, I am available at other times. Class: MWF 9:35, W 3:00 - 6:00 (lab). Meet in lecture for class and lab, lab will then move to computer rooms (Weil 412) Text: To be determined. I will be providing packets to accompany some class lectures. Goals: The purpose of this class is to teach programming skills, and to demonstrate the practical application of computers as an engineering tool through the numerical solution of common problems. The material will be presented assuming the student has no prior programming experience. We will focus on MATLAB, but the skills learned will be readily adaptable to other languages you may work with in future. The first part of the course will cover learning MATLAB. The second half of the course will cover Numerical Methods using MATLAB. Objectives: The student should become proficient in developing computer programs to solve cal- culation-intensive engineering problems. This will require several skills, including: 1) Familiarity with programming concepts (commands, variable usage, control structures, etc.). 2) Decomposing a given problem into a series of smaller sub-problems. 3) Developing a logical, step-by-step series of simple instructions to represent each sub-problem in step 2 above. 4) Assembling these modules with a main program. 5) Debugging syntax errors and logical flaws. 6) Evaluating program correctness through simple examples confirmed by hand. 7) Understanding of theoretical concepts behind various numerical methods. Outcomes: Successful completion of this course will provide the student with an essential engi- neering tool, computer programming. This course requires the student to apply math, sci- ence and engineering principles to solve engineering problems. It teaches the student to identify, formulate, and solve open-ended problems. The course will also enhance the stu-identify, formulate, and solve open-ended problems....
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syl_cms99 - 1 of 3 1/5/99 CGN 3421 Computer Methods Spring...

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