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Undergraduate Syllabus list - I-1 CE Program Course...

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CE Program Course Syllabus 2012 CCE Department Course I-2 CCE 4015 Civil Engineering Estimating Selected Elective Course (Advanced) 1. Catalog Description – Design of systems for estimating and cost control of man-machine productivity for civil engineering projects. Analysis of cost factors required for optimization of engineering-investment efficiency. Credits: 3. 2. Prerequisite – CCE 4204, CGN 4101 and senior standing; EG classification or permission of instructor 3. Course Objectives – The objectives of this course are to provide civil engineering students with a working knowledge of the art and science of estimating and its importance to all participants on an engineered project. Students will be exposed to web based services available to the construction and estimating field which will allow provide them with resources to continue to expand their knowledge after com- pleting this course. Students will: be able to perform cost estimates from preliminary budgeting, or pre-design (order of magnitude) estimates, through precision detailed estimates required for bidding and project budgeting. acquire an understanding of the breakdown of project cost components as advanced by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Uniform System of divisions of work. have an understanding of the importance and application of the estimating process in relationship to project budgets and schedules. be able to read a set of construction drawings and perform detailed quantity take-offs of the CSI cost components of a project. be able to design computer spreadsheet applications for cost estimating and to further develop these applications for project cost control. be introduced into the use of estimating software. gain a respect for the importance of the estimating process from the perspective of the designer, owner, and the contractor. learn group participation skills through working on assignments during the term and on the final term project. learn communication skills through developing and writing contract documents, estimating forms and reports and presenting these before their peers. 4. Contribution of course to meeting the professional component (ABET only) – This course contributes to the mathematics & basic science professional component and supports the College’s education objectives. 5. Relationship of course to program outcomes (ABET only) – This course contributes to the following ABET outcomes: a) Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering 10% d) Function on multi-disciplinary teams 20% g) Communicate effectively 25% k) Use state-of-the-art problem-solving tools and techniques 20% 6. Instructor – Denis Mercier; 245B Weil Hall; e-mail – [email protected], Office Hours - M, periods 2 and 4; Th, periods 2 and 3.
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Undergraduate Syllabus list - I-1 CE Program Course...

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