CHM1025 - Syllabus Introduction to Chemistry CHM 1025 Fall...

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Syllabus Introduction to Chemistry CHM 1025 - Fall 2011 *Email Ciera or Ashlyn using the above emails and not on Sakai. TEXTBOOKS : 1) " Chemistry a Molecular Approach,” 2 nd Edition, Tro, Pearson Publishers, The Tro textbook may be purchased in a loose-leaf packet at a price significantly reduced from that of the hardcover texts. The Mastering Chemistry electronic homework access code is in the packet along with your clicker, remote response device, and worksheets. Copies of all textbooks will be on Reserve at the Marston Science Library - Ask at the circulation desk. The following Gainesville bookstores have received copies of the Tro’s CHEM 1025 packet: 1) Follett (UF Campus) 2) Florida Bookstore (off-campus) OTHER MATERIALS NEEDED: Calculator ( Non-graphing) , RF remote ("Clicker") (available at the bookstore), e- HOMEWORK (eHW) (see below). INFORMATION : CHM 1025, Introduction to Chemistry, is a course designed to help students understand the basic concepts of chemistry and master the skills necessary to succeed in the main stream General Chemistry sequence, CHM 2045-2046. To succeed in this course, the student must spend adequate time studying the available materials. These include the book and the Mastering Chemistry homework. The course will meet twice a week for live discussions and feedback. Attendance is not taken but strongly encouraged. The schedule given below suggests the relevant chapters in the Tro book that the student should work on during specific weeks in the course. Check the Sakai CHM 1025 workspace for additional electronic versions of the worksheets. Section Period Instructor Office Hours Email 6030 TR 4 th Ciera Gerack Flint 257 T 11:30 am -12:30 pm R 1:00-2:00 pm [email protected] 6030 TR 4 th Ashlyn Dennis Flint 257 T 9:30 -10:30 am R 9:30 -10:30 am [email protected]
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*** In order to pass this class and progress to CHM 2045, you must earn a grade of C or better! *** PREREQUISITES: High School Algebra II or MAC 1147 or the equivalent. Students whose math-algebra background is weak should pass MAC 1147 with a minimum grade of C before enrolling in CHM 1025. TIPS: Chemistry is very much a "learn by understanding" subject. Because of this you must work hard in this course to do well. That means you should read the textbook and do the Mastering Chemistry homework sets until you understand! Then you should work extra problems from the book or Mastering Chemistry homework to test your understanding. The more problems you do, the more likely you are to succeed . Attendance is not taken but strongly encouraged. Mastering Chemistry (eHW): Sections of the e-homework will be assigned weekly. You may repeat questions 6 times in order to master them . eHW can be accessed through the mastering chemistry website, . To purchase the Mastering Chemistry access code online (not necessary, if you bought the eHW access code at a bookstore), go to . Do not get caught in a last minute rush and then experience a
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CHM1025 - Syllabus Introduction to Chemistry CHM 1025 Fall...

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