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1 CHM 2045 General Chemistry Gower Sections Fall 2011 INSTRUCTOR: Jeff Gower ( [email protected] ) Lectures: MTR 9th Per.; MTR 10th Per.; MTR 11th Per. (CLB 130) Office hours: MTR 6th and 7th Periods (12:50–3:00pm) in CLB 314 TEXTBOOK : Principles of General Chemistry , 2 nd Edition, Martin S. Silberberg, McGraw-Hill PREREQUISITES : Passing score on the Chemistry Readiness Assessment (6 or higher on each portion, math and chemistry) OR Grade of C or higher in CHM 1025 OR Score of 3 or higher on the AP Chemistry Exam OR Score of 4 or higher on the IB Chemistry Exam PLUS MAC 1140 OR MAC 1147 OR MAC 2311. Students may take the MAC prereq concurrently with CHM 2045, but the MAC requirement MUST be met prior to taking CHM 2046 . COURSE SCHEDULE (lecture schedule is tentative) Dates Topics (# of lectures) Chapters Aug. 22–25 Introduction and Review: Atoms, Molecules, and Ions (3) Chap. 1–2 Aug. 29 – Sep. 1 Mass Relations and Stoichiometry (3) Chap. 3 Wednesday, Sep. 7 Online Assessment Quiz #1 Chaps. 1–3 Sep. 6–12 Aqueous Reactions (3) Chap. 4 Sep. 13–20 Enthalpy & Calorimetry (4) Chap. 6 Wednesday, Sep. 21 (8:20-10:20 pm) Progress Exam 1 Chaps. 1–4, 6 Sep. 22–26 Atomic Structure (2) Chap. 7 Sep. 27 – Oct. 4 Electron Configuration and Periodic Trends (4) Chap. 8 Wednesday, Oct. 5 Online Assessment Quiz #2 Chaps. 7–8 Oct. 6–13 Chemical Bonding Models (4) Chap. 9 Oct. 17–18 Molecular Geometry (2) Chap. 10 Wednesday, Oct. 19 Online Assessment Quiz #3 Chaps. 9–10 Oct. 20–25 Covalent Bonding Theories (3) Chap. 11 Wednesday, Oct. 26 (8:20-10:20 pm) Progress Exam 2 Chaps. 7–11 Oct. 27 – Nov. 1 Gases (3) Chap. 5 Nov. 3 – Nov. 8 Intermolecular Forces and Liquids and Solids (3) Chap. 12 Wednesday, Nov. 9 Online Assessment Quiz #4 Chaps. 5, 12 Nov. 10–17 Solutions (4) Chap. 13 Monday, Nov. 21 (8:20-10:20 pm) Progress Exam 3 Chaps. 5, 12–13 Nov. 28 – Dec. 5 Chemical Kinetics (4) Chap.16 Monday, Dec. 5 Online Assessment Quiz #5 Chap. 16 Dec. 7 Overview and Wrap-up Cumulative Tuesday, Dec. 13 (12:30 2:30pm) Final Exam Cumulative HOLIDAYS (no classes): Sep. 5 (Labor Day), Nov. 4 (Homecoming), Nov. 11 (Veteran’s Day), Nov. 24-25 (Thanksgiving)
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2 HONOR CODE : All exams and quizzes are given under the UF Student Honor Code (ctrl+click to go to web site). Any student caught cheating will receive a zero score on that exam or quiz, and notification of the incident will be submitted to the Dean Of Students Office. WARNING: absolutely NO leniency will be extended in any case of academic dishonesty in this course. SAKAI (CLASS WEB SITE) : Here you will find the syllabus, a link to the WebAssign homework site, your gradebook for the class, selected lecture material, videos, files, end- of-chapter problem solutions, class announcements, and other pertinent info for the course. It is your responsibility to check the Class Web Site often (as well as your gradebook) to make sure that you do not miss important information and to ensure
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CHM2045Gower - CHM 2045 General Chemistry Fall 2011 Gower...

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