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Unformatted text preview: CHM 2045L - SYLLABUS UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FALL, 2010 Course Administrator: Dr. James C. Horvath ([email protected]) LEI 132 Laborato ry Manager: Ms. Donna Turner ([email protected]) LEI 136-138 Asst. Lab M anager: Mr. David O Neill ([email protected] LEI 136-138---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To the Stud ent: READ AND RETAIN THIS SYLLABUS! It contains details pertinent to CHM 2045L. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS INFORMATION! IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE! General Education Credit for CHM 2045L: CHM2045L is available for General Ed Credit since it is a 1st-semester UF lab course which introduces students to fundamental chemistry concepts and basic laboratory techniques including balance and volumetric glassware use and com puter skills for the chem istry laboratory. Students With Disabilities: Students needing special accomm odations in CHM 2045L must register with the Disability Resource Center (Reid Hall room 001) to get documentation for Dr. Horvath in order to obtain the accommodations. Corequisite: CHM 2045L is to be taken with CHM 2045. E Learning (EL ): EL is used for grade m aintenance, posting of Lab Instructor (TA) C LC periods, Problem solutions, announcements, etc. Lo gin to EL using your GatorLink ID and passw ord at the website: NOTE: IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK EL REGULARLY FOR INFORMATION & MESSAGES REGARDING CHM 2045L!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beginning the Term (R ead Carefully!): CHM 2045L begins M : 8/30/10 - F: 9/3/10. On these days all 45L sections check in and get going with Assignment 1 in the CHM 2045L Lab M anual. ATTEND YOUR FIRST SCHEDULED LAB SESSION (LS). YOUR 45L SPACE CAN BE LOST BY NON-ATTENDANCE. During the Term (Read Carefully!) : There are no reg ular LS s on: M: 9/6/10 (Labor Day); F: 10/15/10 (Homecoming); R: 11/11/10 (Veteran's Day); and, M: 11/22/10- F: 11/26/10 (Turkey Days). So note: M Sects Makeup : On M:11/8/10, M Sects will make up Assignment 2 (Density). F Sects Makeup: On F:11/12/10, F Sects will make up Assignment 6 (Structure) Part 2. R Sects Makeup: Not required fo r R: 11/11/10 (Veteran's Day). Individual Student Makeups: On T:11/9/10 & W:11/10/10 individual makeups can be scheduled for any work missed for excusable cau se from Assignm ent 1 thru 7. For more information, see p. 3 of this Syllabus at "M akeups". Note that each CHM2045Lstudent is allotted a maximum of 12 working LS s for the term....
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This note was uploaded on 01/15/2012 for the course CHM 2045 taught by Professor Mitchell during the Fall '07 term at University of Florida.

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