CHM2045Williams - CHM 2045, General Chemistry 1 Spring 2012...

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CHM 2045, General Chemistry 1 Spring 2012 Instructor: Dr. Kathryn R. Williams, CLB 220, 392-7369, Office Hours: M, 6 th ; T, 5 th ; W, 8 th ; Th, 6 th ; F, 3 rd Class Logistics: M, W, F, 4 th period; CLB C130; Discussions on Tuesdays (see class schedule for rooms). Please turn cell phones OFF during lectures and discussions. Description: CHM 2045 is the first half of the two-semester general chemistry sequence for science majors. Topics include: chemical formulas and reactions, stoichiometry, states of matter, thermochemistry, quantum theory and the periodic table, chemical bonding, solutions, and kinetics. To proceed to CHM 2046, students must earn at least a C (not C-) in CHM 2045. Prerequisites: Passing score on the Chemistry Readiness Assessment (6 or higher on each portion, math and chemistry) OR Grade of C or higher in CHM 1025 OR Score of 3 or higher on the AP Chemistry Exam OR Score of 4 or higher on the IB Chemistry Exam PLUS MAC 1140 OR MAC 1147 OR MAC 2311. Students may take the MAC prereq concurrently with CHM 2045, but the MAC requirement MUST be met prior to taking CHM 2046 . Text: Silberberg, Martin S. Principles of General Chemistry , 2 nd ed.; McGraw-Hill: New York, 2010. Attendance: Attendance will not be recorded, but it is highly recommended that you attend every lecture and discussion. You are expected to be aware of any announcements made in class. Quizzes: Four 40-point quizzes will be given during discussions (see schedule). The lowest quiz grade will be dropped. There will be NO makeup quizzes. You must take quizzes during your assigned discussion. Exams: Three 250-point progress exams with be given on the evenings of T, Feb 7; Th, March 1; and M, April 9. The lowest exam score will be dropped. Exam rooms will be assigned by section number and posted in the Sakai announcements. Evening exam times are 8:20-10:20 PM.
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CHM2045Williams - CHM 2045, General Chemistry 1 Spring 2012...

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