CHM2046Horvath - C HM 2046 GENERAL CHEMISTRY SPRING, 2012...

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CHM 2046 GENERAL CHEMISTRY SPRING, 2012 Sections Day/Per Room Instructor Ofc Ofc Periods 0713, 0715, MWF-5 CLB C130 James Horvath LEI 132 MWRF-6 & any time Ofc 0717-8, 0720-0722, (Discussions on T) door is open. Just walk in! 5557, 8317 Note: These Sects are NOT connected with any other 2046 Sects for SP, 2012 . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEXT (Required!): CHEM NOTES II (CN II) by Horvath – available at local book stores. TEXT- NOT required: "Chem Princ.", 2nd Ed., by Silberberg DISCUSSION SECTION : Registration in CHM 2046 for any Sect. indicated above includes co-registration for a T Disc. Be sure to check the online Spring 2012 Course Schedule for correct Disc. Sect. time/location information. NOTE THAT DISCUSSION ATTENDANCE (as with Lecture) IS AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY TO BE SUCCESSFUL. PREREQUISITES : Passing grade in CHM 2045 and CHM 2045L. Transfer students must consult with the instructor before continuing with CHM 2046 to be sure they have the appropriate prerequisites. COREQUISITE : CHM 2046L. If you are registered for CHM 2046L, OBTAIN and READ the syllabus for CHM 2046L. COURSE INFORMATION : To be successful in this CHM 2046 class the student must understand that the chemistry considered in Lecture and Discussion plus CHEM NOTES II (CN II) is the course. Other text study (as appropriate) might help you with the course – but it is NOT the course – and no student can succeed without attending each Lecture and Discussion Class coupled with learning ALL the chemistry considered in class and in CN II. STUDY CN II CAREFULLY! ALWAYS BRING CN II TO LECTURE and DISCUSSION CLASS! E Learning (EL on Sakai): EL (on Sakai) is used for distribution of course info, grade maintenance & posting. Use your Gator-Link ID and password to log into EL (on Sakai) at: Calculator : You must have your own scientific calculator. Calculators may be used on Quizzes and Exams but they may NOT be shared. Calculator storage of information for use on in-class Quizzes or Exams is strictly forbidden! Cell Phone : Turn OFF cell phones. Cell phones ringing in class can result in severe grade penalties! Use of cell phone and/or communication-capable calculator is NOT permitted during in-class Quizzes or Exams. COURSE SCHEDULE (tentative) Week of Topic Chapters from CHEM NOTES II (CN II) Monday (topic dates are approximate) & suggested Text Chapters (Silberberg - S) Jan 9 Chemical Equilibria (EQ) Ch 17 B/L Acid/Base Chem Ch 18I. S-Ch18 & 19. Assign. 1 in CHM 2046L. Jan 16 (
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CHM2046Horvath - C HM 2046 GENERAL CHEMISTRY SPRING, 2012...

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