CHM2095 - CHM 2095 Chemistry for Engineers 1 Fall 2011...

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CHM 2095 – Chemistry for Engineers 1 – Fall 2011 Sections: 04AA, 04AB, 04AC, 04AD, 04AE, 1552, 1565, 1572, 1581, 1590, and 1612 Lectures: MWF Period 2 (8:30-9:20 AM) in CLB C130. Concurrent enrollment in CHM 2045L and MAC 2311 is suggested. Tuesday Sessions: Tuesday classes will start during the second week of class on August 30 th . Consult your schedule for the period and room location. Again, these sessions do not meet in the first week Instructor: Dr. Jeffrey Keaffaber, Office: FLI 251; Phone: 392-1087; Email: Email is the recommended form of contact. Office Hours: MW Period 7-8 (1:55-3:50 PM), TR Period 4 (10:40-11:30 AM) No Friday office hours. If these times don’t work for you, please make an appointment. Teaching Assts: Several TAs will be assigned to this course. Identities and office hours will be announced on Sakai as soon as they are available. TA office hours are held in general chemistry learning center (GCLC) in FLI 257. Text: Engineering Chemistry University of Florida CHM 2095 , Brown, Holme, with contributions by Keaffaber, Cengage Learning Purchase site: Description: CHM 2095 is the first semester of the CHM 2095 – 2096 sequence. Topics include stoichiometry, energy and thermodynamics, atomic and molecular structure, the states of matter, reaction rates, and an introduction to chemical equilibria. All of these topics are taught in an engineering case-study context. While it may seem that chemical, material science, biological, environmental, civil, and even mechanical engineers benefit most from this course, all engineering majors benefit from the critical thinking skills that a course in chemistry offers. It will also instill a strong work ethic that is an absolute must in the engineering profession! Prerequisites:
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CHM2095 - CHM 2095 Chemistry for Engineers 1 Fall 2011...

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