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GENERAL CHEMISTRY LECTURES FALL’2011 COURSE SECTION# DAY/PERIOD PLACE DISCUSSION INSTRUCTOR CHM1025 6030 TR/4 CLBC130 -- GERACK CHM1025 4284 -- WEB -- MITCHELL CHM1025 8612 -- WEB -- MITCHELL CHM1030 0673 MWF/2 NRN331 -- BENJAMIN CHM2045 0692, 0693,0697,0698,0701,0702 MWF/1 CLBC130 TUESDAY MITCHELL CHM2045 9083,9086,9103,9117,9119,9121 MWF/3 CLBC130 TUESDAY MITCHELL CHM2045 0717,0720,0723,0725,6510,6512 MWF/6 CLBC130 THURSDAY WILLIAMS CHM2045 0728,5100,5101,5115,5148,5163 MWF/7 CLBC130 THURSDAY MITCHELL CHM2045 5293,5327,5456,5489,5490,5491 MTR/9 CLBC130 FRIDAY GOWER CHM2045
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Unformatted text preview: 6737,6896,6901,6919,6922,7089 MTR/10 CLBC130 FRIDAY GOWER CHM2045 5767,6187,6192,6208,6477,6488 MTR/11 CLBC130 WEDNESDAY GOWER CHM2046 0745,0747,0748,0749,0750,0751,0752,0754,1900 MWF/4 CLBC130 TUESDAY VEIGE CHM2046 0756,0757,0758,0759,0760,,0762,0763,0764,1913, MWF/5 CLBC130 TUESDAY HORVATH CHM2046 1914,3966,3979,3987,5241,5405,5771,5772,5778 MWF/8 CLBC130 TUESDAY MARTIN CHM2047 5636,8007,8010,8020,8023 TR/6-7 LEI207 WEDNESDAY ANGERHOFER CHM2095 04AA,04AB,04AC,04AD,04AE,1552,1565,1572,1581,1590,1612 MWF/2 CLBC130 TUESDAY KEAFFABER CHM2211 0786 MWF/3 FLI 50 - KEAFFABER...
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This note was uploaded on 01/15/2012 for the course CHM 2045 taught by Professor Mitchell during the Fall '07 term at University of Florida.

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