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CHM 2040 GENERAL CHEMISTRY SUMMER TERM 2000 SECTION PERIOD ROOM INSTRUCTOR OFFICE OFFICE HOURS 4207 MTWRF, 6 CLB C130 Dr. Gardiner Myers 156 LEI M 5 th , T-F 4 th gmyers@chem.ufl.edu http://www.chem.ufl.edu/`myers/chm2040/ TEXTBOOK : Chemistry, 2 nd edition, Silberberg, WCB McGraw-Hill(1999). Also: Computer CD-ROM: Chem-Skill-Builder, Version 6.1, Spain and Peters. OBJECTIVES : CHEMISTRY 2040 is the first semester of the General Chemistry sequence 2040-2041-2046 offered for science majors such as chemistry, engineering, preprofessional, and biologymajors. For non-science majors and pre-nursing students, the two-semester terminal sequence, CHEMISTRY 1020-1021, is available. The three-semester General Chemistry sequence (2040, 2041 + 2045L, 2046 + 2046L) covers the same material as the two-semester sequence (2045 + 2045L, 2046 + 2046L) but moves at a slower pace and assumes a less rigorous high school chemistry and math background. Either combined sequence meets the chemistry requirement for many science and technical majors. If you are unsure of the best general chemistry sequence for your goals, study the section on CHEMISTRY in the Undergradulate Catalog and then consult Dr. Myers or any other departmental advisor. PREREQUISITES for CHEMISTRY 2040 are: (1) High School Algebra II, MAC 1142, or equivalent. Students whose math-algebra background is weak shoud pass MAC 1142 with a minimum grade of C before enrolling in CHM 2040. (2) One year of High School Chemistry. If you have not had any high school chemistry you may encounter some difficulty in this course. Please consult your instructor concerning steps you may take to avoid or minimize any such difficulty. You must earn a grade of C or above in CHM 2040 to continue with CHM 2041. CLASS SCHEDULE DATES TOPICS READING July 3, 5-7 Scientific Method, Measurement Elements and Compounds Chapter 1 (omit Sec. 1.2) Chapter 2 (mostly omit 2.1 - 2.3) July 10 EXAM 1 CHAPTERS 1-2 July 11-14 Mass-Mole Relationships Chapter 3 July 17 EXAM 2 CHAPTER 3 July 18-21 Chemical Reactions Thermochemistry Chapter 4 (partial) Chapter 6 (mostly omit 6.2 and 6.3) July 24 EXAM 3 CHAPTERS 4 AND 6 (PARTIALS ) July 25-28
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