Syllabus-CHM2051-S'10 - CHM 2051 GENERAL CHEMISTRY II...

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Unformatted text preview: CHM 2051 GENERAL CHEMISTRY II HONORS SPRING 2010 SECTION 7201 Professor : Dr. Rick Yost Office: CLB C210, Phone 392-0557, Email: Course Website: Office Hours: M, T 9 th period (3:55 4:45 PM), Th 8 th period (3:00 3:50 PM) or by appointment Teaching Assistant : Ms. Jessica Leigh Office: CLB 405, Phone: (757)705-2059, Email: Office Hours: T, Th 2 nd and 3 rd periods (8:30 10:25 AM) or by appointment Lecture : M T W and F - 8 th period (3:00-3:50 PM), Leigh 207. Two to three periods a week will be used for formal lecture (slides will be available on the web), whereas others will be used for discussions, problem solving, team projects, guest lectures, demonstrations and exam reviews, as noted in the tentative lecture schedule. Watch the course website for updates on these periods. Course Description : CHM 2051 is an Honors alternative to the traditional General Chemistry II course, CHM 2046. We will cover many of the same topics, often in more depth and at a more personal level, and will take time to consider extensions to real-world applications and current research, all in a more intellectually stimulating small-course environment. We will also replace much of the descriptive inorganic chemistry covered towards the end of 2046 with advanced topics in atmospheric chemistry, nuclear chemistry, and introductions to organic, polymer, and biochemistry. The goal of the course is to help you both master the material and develop the skills to think critically about the impact of chemistry on important issues, be they global or personal. Prerequisites : CHM 2045 with a grade of A (a few exceptions may be allowed) plus 2045L. Co-requisites : CHM 2046L or 2054L. Textbook: Principles of General Chemistry, 2 nd Edition, Martin Silberberg, McGraw Hill, 2010. This abridged version of a classic text does an excellent job of introducing chemistry as the central science. It will be used as reading material for lectures and for background for exams; homework problems will often be assigned from the text. Most of you will have used this text in CHM 2045. E-Learning : CHM 2051 will make use of UFs E-Learning system (aka WebCT Vista and Blackboard) to provide access to lecture slides (slides will typically be posted 2-5 days before each lecture), homework assignments and answer keys, sample exam questions, additional course content, course news and calendar, as well as access to your individual grades and class grade distributions. If you dont have Acrobat Reader on your computer to view the lecture slides, you can download it from the E-Learning site. To log in to E- Learning, use Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Mozilla (when you log on to E-Learning, it will help you with a browser check), point your browser to , and look under the Spring 2009 course listing for Liberal Arts and Sciences for General Chemistry II Honors(CHM 2051) . Youll need your GatorLink ID and password to access E-...
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Syllabus-CHM2051-S'10 - CHM 2051 GENERAL CHEMISTRY II...

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