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John Mocko's TurningPoint Remotes Student Guide file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/John/My%20Documents/Turn. .. 1 of 6 1/10/2006 9:27 PM University of Florida Student Guide to TurningPoint ResponseCard RF Remotes The University of Florida has adopted the TurningPoint ResponseCard RF Remote as a campuswide classroom student response system. The system allows instructors to actively engage students in class by asking questions during the lecture that can be counted for polling purposes only or for actual class grades. How exactly it is used in a class is entirely up to the instructor for your course. This guide was written for University of Florida students to explain how to register the remote for your class. How to login your remote during class. How to use your remote to answer questions in class. It also answers some commonly asked questions about the remotes. Where can I buy a ResponseCard RF remote? ResponseCard RF remotes are available at most major bookstores around campus (the bookstore at the Reitz Union and Gator Textbooks are two examples). Remotes can also be purchased used, just like used textbooks, if available at some bookstores. Can I use my friends ResponseCard RF remote? Yes, you can use a friends remote AS LONG AS YOU BOTH DO NOT USE IT IN THE SAME CLASS OR AT THE SAME TIME!! If you have a friend who is willing to loan you a remote for the semester because they are not using it that period it's ok provided you follow the rule above. However, this DOES NOT APPLY to using your friends remote to respond to questions for them when they are absent from class or giving your remote to someone else to respond to questions for you when you are absent! Responding with someone else's remote when they are absent from class is a VIOLATION OF UF's ACADEMIC HONESTY POLICY and both of you can be prosecuted through the Student Conduct Honor Court!!!! Each student in a class must use ONLY their own remote and may NOT use another persons remote from that same class! OK, I have a remote now how do I register it for my class? Registration of your CORRECT remote code is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL in order for you to get credit for your answers in class!!! If you do not register your remote code properly you will NOT get credit!! In addition, you will NOT get credit UNTIL your remote code is registered so be sure to register it as soon as you get a remote. This system WILL NOT record your answers until your are properly registered through WebCT. Where is my remote code on the remote?
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TPstudentguide - John Mocko's TurningPoint Remotes Student...

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