Newsyllabus - Chemistry 2210 - Organic Chemistry - Syllabus...

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Chemistry 2210 - Organic Chemistry - Syllabus University of Florida Fall Semester 2010 CHM 2210 Section 4356 – 8th Period (3:00PM –3:50PM) Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays In Flint 50 K. B. Wagener Office In Leigh Hall - Room 318 Phone 392 4666 (office) 377 6727 (home) Email Address: Web Page Address for this Course: The prerequisite for this course is CHM 2046 or its equivalent. To be successful in this first course in organic chemistry, you must read the book and work the homework problems faithfully. There is no other way. Do not miss class - attendance will be taken often. The text for this course is Organic Chemistry , by Brown, Foote, Iverson, & Anslyn, Brooks/Cole Publishers, 5 th Edition. Accompanying this text is the Study Guide With Student Solutions Manual, 5 th Edition . OWL, the web-based learning application, is also an excellent resource for assisting with your studies. The publisher’s website offers discounts for these materials: Representative end-of-chapter problems are listed below. You are also expected to work the problems accompanying the text within each chapter. OWL based problems are also of value in helping you learn – make use of them. Week Of
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Newsyllabus - Chemistry 2210 - Organic Chemistry - Syllabus...

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