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STA 6126 Second Exam Topic List How do we use the normal distribution tables to evaluate probabilities? What is the sampling distribution of a statistic? What is its mean and standard error? What is a point estimate and what is a confidence interval (CI)? What does it mean for an estimator to be unbiased? What is the margin of error for an estimator? How should we interpret a confidence interval? How do we estimate a population proportion from binary data (point estimate and confidence interval)? What happens to a CI as the confidence level (sample size) increases? How do we estimate a population mean from numerical data (point estimate and confidence interval)? How is the t-distribution used in this context and what is the degrees of freedom? What assumption is made about the underlying population? How do we select a sample size for estimating a population proportion (population mean)? In a test of significance know the nature and roles of the null and alternative hypotheses, the test statistic, the p-value, type I and type II errors and significance
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