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STA 6126 – Exam 2 Topics Large-sample comparison of two means – Independent samples (Section 7.1) Large-sample comparison of two proportions – Independent samples (Section 7.2) Small-Sample comparisons for means and proportions (Section 7.3) Fisher’s Exact Test (Section 7.3) McNemar’s Test (7.4) Contingency Tables and Marginal/Conditional Distributions (8.1)
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Unformatted text preview: Statistical Independence and Dependence (8.1) Chi-Squared Test of Independence (8.2) Observed and Expected Frequencies (8.2) Chi-squared test statistic (8.2) Chi-squared distribution and probabilities (8.2) Computer output (8.2) Adjusted Residuals (8.3) Note: Be sure and have z, t and chi-square tables. You can write on both sheets....
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