topics3_10 - Nonlinearity Polynomial Regression(14.4...

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STA 6127 – Exam 3 Topics Inference in Multiple Regression (11.4) t-test F-test Regression Diagnostics (14.2) Histogram of Residuals (Normality) Residuals versus Predicted values (Constant standard deviation) Residuals versus explanatory variables (Linear Relation) Residuals versus Time (Independence when data are time series) Identifying Influential observations Studentized Residuals Leverage Values DFFITS DFBETAS Cook’s D Multicollinearity (14.3) Effects of Multicollinearity Variance Inflation Factor
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Unformatted text preview: Nonlinearity: Polynomial Regression (14.4) Quadratic Regression Models Fitting and interpreting models Testing whether a relationship is linear vs nonlinear Generalized Linear Models Random Component Systematic Component Link Function Logistic Regression Fitted Equation Tests for the Full Model Tests for Partial Regression Coefficients Odds Ratio Ordinal Regression Test for Association between Ordinal outcome and predictor(s) Goodness-of Fit Tests...
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topics3_10 - Nonlinearity Polynomial Regression(14.4...

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