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topics4 - Chapter 10 Association and Causality Spurious...

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STA 6126 – Exam 3 Topics Chapter 8 Gamma and Kendall’s-Tau (and inference concerning them) Chapter 9 Linear Relationships Least Squares Prediction Equation Residuals Sum of squared errors Linear regression model Estimating conditional variation Pearson Correlation Coefficient of Determination Inference for the slope and correlation Test of independence Confidence interval for slope
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 10 Association and Causality Spurious Associations Controlling for other variables (Partial contingency tables, Quantitative Vars) Types of Multivariate Relationships (Chain, Multiple Causes, Suppressor, Interaction) Chapter 11 Multiple Regression Model Coefficient of Multiple Determination Inference in Multiple Regression ( F-test, t-test)...
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