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DAS Senior Project Form - CIS 4930 DAS Senior Project...

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CIS 4930: DAS Senior Project Application Form This form enables you to register for DAS Senior Project 1 and must be completed prior to the beginning of the semester indicated in Section A. Registration for DAS Senior Project 1 is not final until this form has been completed. Instructions: 1) Complete Section A. 2) Ask your potential advisor to review the project description provided in Section A and complete and sign Section B if they approve the project idea and agree to be your project advisor. 3) Submit the form to the course coordinator for the semester indicated in Section A. You are responsible for hand delivering the form to the COURSE COORDINATOR or the DEPARTMENT SECRETARY IN CSE E301 . If your project is approved, the coordinator will complete the form and forward it to a department advisor to finalize your registration. Otherwise both you and your advisor will be notified to the contrary and an explanation provided. If your project idea is not approved, you must revise it and resubmit this form.
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