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desc - Catherine Plaisant OUTLINE OF COURSE TOPICS 1...

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COURSE NUMBER AND TITLE: CAP 4930, Human-Computer Interaction OVERVIEW: We will cover the basics of human computer interaction, including interaction design, interfaces, hardware, software for HCI. We'll also look into current approaches to 2D and 3D interfaces, and you will get to design some of your OWN interfaces using things such as image-based tracking or a 'responsive table’ that reacted to your hands [using a projector and webcam. You will learn how to do a formal user or human factors study. You can explore a variety of cutting edge issues such as human-robotics interfaces, speech and gesture recognition, or AI + interfaces. PREREQUISITES: Familiarity with programming using C/C++; basic knowledge of algorithms, data structures (stacks, lists, queues, etc.), and matrix math. TEXTBOOK: Designing the User Interface 4th Edition, Ben Shneiderman and
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Unformatted text preview: Catherine Plaisant. OUTLINE OF COURSE TOPICS: 1. Interface Basics 2. Design guidelines, principles and theory 3. Evaluating Interface Designs 4. Software Tools 5. Virtual Environments, and 3D Interaction 6. Classic topics: Menu, Forms, and Dialogs 7. Natural Languages 8. Interaction Devices 9. Collaboration 10. Visualization EXAMINATIONS AND GRADES: • 30% Three project milestones (10% each) • 40% course project • 10% research paper presentation • 15% midterm paper • 5% class participation WORKLOAD: This course requires an above average time commitment. This is due to a significant final project (expected time 80 hours), class presentations, and substantial conference and journal readings and presentations. Some students consider it to be more time consuming than other courses they have taken....
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