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CIS 4930 NLP Print Your Name ____________________________ Exam III March 2, 2011 Total Score ________ Your work is to be done individually. The exam is worth 104 points (four points of extra credit are available throughout the exam) and it has six questions. Unless a problem directly instructs you differently, there are no known errors within this document. If you are instructed to use specific functionality to solve a problem, then follow the guidelines given. Otherwise, you are allowed to utilize anything from Python modules, provided you include all statements allowing access to such functionality. 1. [25 pts] Create a Finite State Automata representing the process of taking this test. Assume that you can only complete the problems in one of two sequences - forward or backward - and you can not start one until the previous one is completed. Consider the possibility that you might not complete all (or any) problems in the time allotted. Do not use enough detail such that this problem becomes infinitely recursive.
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March 2, 2011 CIS 4930 NLP Exam III Page 2 of 4 Score_______ Here is the simplified Brown Tag Set for your reference. Unless otherwise specified, all corpora
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Exam3Sol_001 - CIS 4930 NLP Exam III Print Your Name March...

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