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h06-6 - CIS6930/4930 Intro to Computational Neuroscience...

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CIS6930/4930 Intro to Computational Neuroscience Spring 2006 Home Work Assignment 6: Due Monday 05/1/06 before class This project is about first constructing a random cortical network of spiking neurons and stabilizing its activity in the range 0-50 Hz. In the second part, you computationally ascertain whether the dynamics of the system is sensitive to initial conditions . 1. (50 pts) Begin by constructing a network of 1000 neurons, 80% of which are randomly chosen to be excitatory neurons and the remaining inhibitory neurons. Now assign 100 synapses (each neuron receives inputs from 100 neurons) to each neuron and randomly choose the pre-synaptic neurons for each such post-synaptic neuron. Next assign 50 variables to each neuron to store the times at which the neuron spiked in the past 100 msec (Naturally, the time bound for the horizon is 100 msec.) Finally, build a spike response model for each neuron as follows. The total potential at the soma of a
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